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The End of an Era:

Remember when Brett Favre was closing in on the end of his football career? He was a topic of conversation every night on Sportscenter. People we’re getting sick and tired of the constant Brett Favre news wire that was going on. Although I was on the outside of this hate bubble as a lifelong Packer fan, I can see why there were many chagrins as numerous droves of spectators got real sick and tired of the Brett Favre mania and the Brett Favre love-fest.

Tiger Woods created what is now the Modern Era of golf. He is solely responsible for where the game is at today. Because of this fact, he has more than earned the publicity, stardom, attention, and, of course, money that goes along with it. Ignoring the recent car accident, where the main story is quite clearly Tiger Woods, the headlines in golf are finally starting to reflect a diversity of stories, as well as a shift in overall coverage. It appears as though any golfer on Tour can jump in to get their fifteen minutes of fame without being sidelined by news of Tiger. Of course, we all hope for a full recovery and a full return to golf for Woods, but I’m here to say, the games’ progression into a larger talent pool with what seems to be a new winner every week, is ultimately better for the game of golf in and of itself.

You must be thinking, the game of golf is nowhere without Tiger and will go nowhere without the superstar. Tiger spent over twenty years building up the game of golf, gaining it maximum exposure. Golf has extended its reach into every household in America if not the World. Over the last, almost ten years now, I have watched television broadcasts and golf shows covering Tiger’s fall from the number one ranked golfer in the world, as well as, his minute climb back to the top in his most recent wins including the 2019 Masters.

What’s beginning to bother me is the Brett Favre effect that’s going on when Tiger plays. Tiger is not the best guy out there anymore. Other players are starting to win in droves. Tiger remains the main story line going into every tournament. He rightfully earned that respect, but it’s time to find new headlines. Will Tiger’s recent car accident allow us to get a glimpse of what golf will grow into without Tiger Woods at the helm? I sure hope so. I also doubt it, as Tiger’s return from such a horrid accident will probably be the biggest storyline over the course of the next year. Why do I hope Tiger Woods’ mania comes to an end. The same reason most people wanted the Favre talk shows to end. It’s time to move on.

Even if Tiger comes back and wins a sporadic tournament here or there, the game has grown into a better place. Tiger invented the Modern Era of golf where players reach -20 on four rounds at the Masters, and proved that he was the only player worth watching tournament after tournament. Now it’s impossible to be a pro golfer without having the same type of competitive edge that Tiger displayed for years. It’s time to let the rest of the field gain viewership, and ultimately create new rivalries and different storylines. The Modern Era of golf needs to stop showing one player and instead cover shots from everybody, as it's starting to seem like anyone could win come Sunday; what a treat.

World Golf Championships-Workday Championship at The Concession PICKS:

Brooks Koepka - +2200

Rory McIlroy - +1600

Xander Schauffele - +1600

Louis ‘Oosty’ Oosthuizen - +6000

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