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Money and/or Power

In my life, and perhaps many others’ lives as well, there exists a dichotomy between two necessary evils. Money and power seem to go together like barbecue sauce and chicken. In my world the two entities pull at one another quite vigorously and can leave me drained, disgusted, and downright defeated.

Growing up I had a magnificent and illustrious childhood; a picture perfect one to be exact. But sometimes what lies behind the curtain will surprise you. Everybody fights, but some do it so much that it can affect just about anyone’s mentality and image of normality.

At the age of thirty five my brother is the first to have a normal relationship and is set to be married this August. My sister and I have both yet to gain enough confidence to trust another individual with any type of real long term relationship.

So now back to this dichotomy of which I spoke of earlier. Since being a young boy, I have learned from my dad that there are two types of people in this world. Those after power; and those after money. For the most part he is not far from telling the truth. But as I meet an endless stream of friends and comrades here and there, I do not see the all out truth in this statement. It is meshed with cynicism and self reflection.

Given the household I grew up in, I have seen both power and money cross the line with control attributes as well as deviant manipulation; Both excessively maniacal and plotted out. I try to reject both money and power from playing a factor in my life and from entering my life. I have seen enough of these ‘evils’ over the years and watched how they work together, against one another, and ultimately against me. I AM SCARRED. I wear it well, for I am not afraid of being such. I AM TOO STRONG.

It’s funny how one man’s perspective can be that the world is a place full of two kinds of people. I have but forever tried not to put people in a ‘this or that’ type of box. In my experience, I have seen that the people who do that are really just describing themselves or maybe, perhaps, their significant other as well. Projecting your world views is doomed to fail as to err is human.

There is a scene from the movie Training Day where Denzel Washington’s partner, and good guy, explains the world as ‘smiles and cries’. This I do not understand completely, but the perspective is much more simple and, therefore, that much more fitting and appropriate. I myself prefer shits and giggles.

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