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I didn't mean to write a book.

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

I didn’t mean to write a book.

I knew I had a story to tell and I just started to type.

It had been at least two years since I knew I had to put something substantial on paper about everything I had been through. I always was hesitant to stick to writing anything because for the longest time I felt like I had no ending; or at least no way to wrap up my story in its entirety. Finally, it all came together. It happened really fast too. With a little help on direction, I sat down in front of my computer about six different occasions. In about 5 ½ weeks, approximately 60-80 hours in front of my computer, typing away, I put my story on paper and wrote what we all know now to be Nobody Believes Crazy.

Although It didn’t take a long time to write, it is important to remember that I had been organizing all these events in my life as part of my daily routine since first being diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder over thirteen years prior. I finally was ready to put it on paper . This being my first blog post please post what you enjoyed about the book and any other questions or comments.

Hope it was a good read - let’s get a dialogue started!!

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